“Milk it For All it’s Worth” Sports Nutrition Seminar

Basketball Ireland in conjunction with The National Dairy Council (NDC) held a Nutrition & Coaching Seminar for coaches at the National Basketball Arena, Tallaght (18th February 2012), as part of the Milk it For All It’s Worth Campaign.

Dr. Tom Hill, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition Newcastle University led an interactive discussion, supported by the nutritional team from The National Dairy Council. Dr. Hill has extensive experience of working on diet and nutrition issues with players, athletes and teams across a variety of sports, ranging from soccer to rowing.

The NDC interest is fuelled by the growing body of scientific research showing milk can play a very positive role in a number of aspects of sports nutrition. Specific areas of focus include the effectiveness of skimmed milk as a re-hydration drink after sports, in addition to research highlighting the beneficial role of milk and milk-based products in recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage. The beneficial role of milk in these areas has been attributed to the natural nutritional composition of milk (details at www.ndc.ie ).

Pictured at the NDC & Basketball Ireland Milk it For All It’s Worth Seminar were (L-R):  Dr Tom Hill, Senior Lecturer in Food & Nutrition; University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK;  Caroline O’Donovan, Nutritionist, The National Dairy Council; and Martin McGettrick, Bastketball Ireland Coach Committee.

Picture by Colm Mahady, Fennell Photography

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