Pet Care Awards

Acknowledging High Standards of Veterinary Care

This award programme was originally launched in the year 2000 in Ireland and ran very successfully for nine consective years, giving members of the public and pet owners the opportunity to acknowledge top quality veterinary care and services.

Veterinary services, individual vets or veterinary nurses could be nominated by pet owners for doing a particularly good job caring for a pet, or if there was a particular issue which they dealt with in a compassionate or highly professional way.

The Veterinary Pet Care Awards and colourful naratives written by pet owners as part of their nominations, demonstrates how much pets mean to their owners. However it also highlights the need to care for the health of pets properly in terms of publicising the importance of responsible pet ownership; whilst showcasing high standards of professionalism amongst Irish veterinarians and vet nurses.

The programme is currently seeking a new main sponsor.

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