Privacy Policy

Progress PR Ltd. T/A Progress Communications

Last updated 3rd May, 2018.

This Privacy Policy is effective from 3rd May, 2018.

This Privacy Policy applies to all the services and websites related to Progress Communications (“Progress PR Ltd, T/A Progress Communications”). References to “data” in this Privacy Policy will refer to data collected in a form, researched, provided or data inserted on a site hosted by Progress Communications. Reference to personal information or just information, means information about you personally that we collect or store.

Progress Communications reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time.

We respect your privacy. If you received an email or communication from us, then you are on our Contact Database for one of four reasons:
1. You have contacted us and asked us to include you in our Contacts Database and asked us to keep you updated on potential news or developments.
2. You have previously published or broadcast content based on news releases, content or briefing materials provided by us.
3. We believe you have a legitimate interest in the subject of the content and believe it is relevant and may be useful to you.
4. There is an interest in us contacting you by virtue of our existing business or working relationship.

We retain a Contact Database of data, including name, employer/role, email and contact details for the purposes of communicating with individuals about information of legitimate interest. Our database is categorised as a Contact Database and is not a marketing database used for sales purposes.

We will endeavour to protect our Contact Database by restricting access, by maintaining IT security and accessing files on computers with up to date anti-virus software and password protection to keep computers and files as secure as possible. Where information is stored on virtual/cloud services or backed up to the cloud, then assurances are sought and secured from the providers regarding security standards and GDPR compliances. In the event that a laptop or electronic device containing our Contact Database is lost or stolen, or a data is compromised in any way, it will be reported in a timely manner.

Our Contact Database will not be shared with external third parties, with the limited exception of facilitating communication from time to time on our behalf, using a third party mailing service such as Mailchimp; or to facilitate a survey using electronic providers such as Survey Monkey. We will endeavour to ensure that data processing terms with such partners complies with high levels of confidentiality and best practice in privacy and security standards.

Your preferences:

We endeavour to keep our Contact Database up to date and relevant. If your role has changed or if you are a journalist/producer who has changed roles and is reporting on a new or specific area of interest, please contact us to let us know your preferences.

If you wish to opt out of and have your details removed from our Contact Database, you can do so at any time by sending your name, email address and name of your company/organisation to with ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line. If you request to opt out, then your details will be removed from the Membership Contact Database in a timely manner and no later than one month after your request has been received.

Website Visitor:

If you are just visiting our website or an associated site because you are curious – like most websites today, our web servers may keep log files that record data each time a device accesses those servers. We do not collect usage information about you when you interact with our website.


Providers of services and products provide us with their invoicing details for the purposes of a specific events. Where account information is stored by our bank for the purposes of facilitating online payments, then assurances are sought and secured from the bank regarding security standards and GDPR compliances.


If you have any questions or concerns related to privacy or use of your data by Progress Communications please contact:

Progress Communications operates under the remit of the Irish Office of the Data Protection Commissioner. Website: